Sunday, July 17, 2011

What makes a good Architectural Design?

What is in the design that you consider to be good design? What are the criteria?

A good design is something that is user-friendly and fits a category of people. It must be comfortable to use and must serves its purpose. It should be aesthetically appealing because that is the main factor for many people.

List down the criteria. Make comparison of the design to the criteria. State what you observe in the building/design that fits/does not fit the criteria that you have listed down.

The building I am designing, an indoor air-conditioned bus interchange, fits some of the criteria. It is user-friendly as there are many maps around and also booths where the staff can provide help. It fits the category of people who travel by public transport. The place is relatively comfortable because it is air-conditioned. It serves its purpose as a bus interchange and it is relatively aesthetically appealing.

Make sure that you put in images as your reference and cite the sources.
Sengkang Bus Interchange
Boon Lay Bus Interchange