Sunday, August 21, 2011

T3W8: Design

1. This picture shows Container City in London, UK. I consider this design to be unique because containers are usually used to store goods and not to make buildings. It is also unique because there are very few or only one of this building in the world. It does not look like a normal building.

3. Lights can helps to make something appear stronger or softer. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, light can affect your productivity, mood and overall mental activity. For example, the light should not be too weak because people will need to strain their eyes to look at things. The light should not be too strong either so that people will not feel that the place is too bright.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What makes a good Architectural Design?

What is in the design that you consider to be good design? What are the criteria?

A good design is something that is user-friendly and fits a category of people. It must be comfortable to use and must serves its purpose. It should be aesthetically appealing because that is the main factor for many people.

List down the criteria. Make comparison of the design to the criteria. State what you observe in the building/design that fits/does not fit the criteria that you have listed down.

The building I am designing, an indoor air-conditioned bus interchange, fits some of the criteria. It is user-friendly as there are many maps around and also booths where the staff can provide help. It fits the category of people who travel by public transport. The place is relatively comfortable because it is air-conditioned. It serves its purpose as a bus interchange and it is relatively aesthetically appealing.

Make sure that you put in images as your reference and cite the sources.
Sengkang Bus Interchange
Boon Lay Bus Interchange

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What is Architectural Design?

Architecture design refers to the actual design and layout of spaces. Architecture encompasses many different elements including construction, design, and the manipulation of light as it relates to shadow. Throughout history, architects have found ways to create functional and practical spaces using any materials that were available.


It is the design of buildings or urban landscapes, as opposed to the construction documents and management required to construct it.


Designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect.